Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU-PTC)

Phenomenology of the right handed heavy neutrinos at the high energy colliders

by Dr Arindam Das

The current experimental results of the neutrino oscillation phenomena have established the existence of the neutrino mass and flavor mixing, which require us to extend the Standard Model (SM). There are two simple extensions of the SM which can naturally explain such phenomena. One of them is called the seesaw mechanism which includes SM-singlet heavy right-handed Majorana neutrinos induce the dimension five operators leading to very small light Majorana neutrino masses. There is another kind of seesaw mechanism, commonly known as the inverse seesaw, where the tiny Majorana mass is generated from the small lepton number violating parameters, rather than being suppressed by the heavy neutrino mass in the conventional seesaw mechanism. Such mechanisms can be tested at the high energy colliders through different interactions. In this talk, we will discuss the models of generating the neutrino mass and the possible tests at the high energy colliders.