Korea-Italy Bi-lateral Symposium
Current developments in underground physics

chaired by Hongjoo Kim (KNU), Jaison Lee (IBS CUP), Eunju Jeon (IBS CUP)
from to (Asia/Seoul)

Venue - B109 (conference room) at IBS HQ


  • Hotel ICC  
  • Ask Jieun Shin (jieunshin1991@gmail.com) and/or ByungJin Choi (bjchoi@ibs.re.kr) for reservation. 
  • Hotel ICC also can be reserved by yourself. Just in case for reduced price, you can let them know about IBS visiting. 

Dinner (invitation only) -   Leekeowon (이계원, 한정식)

Abstracts and posters can be downlinked by clicking buttons below.

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