by Dr Biswajit Karmakar (Physical Research Laboratory)

CTPU seminar room (Theory Building 4th Floor)

CTPU seminar room

Theory Building 4th Floor

IBS Main Campus, Daejeon
In an attempt to unfold (if any) a possible connection between two apparently uncorrelated sectors, namely neutrino and dark matter, we consider the type-I seesaw and a fermion singlet dark matter to start with. Our construction suggests that there exists a scalar field mediator between these two sectors whose vacuum expectation value not only generates the mass of the dark matter, but also takes part in the neutrino mass generation. While the choice of $Z_4$ symmetry allows us to establish the framework, the vacuum expectation value of the mediator field breaks $Z_4$ to a remnant $Z_2$, that is responsible to keep dark matter stable. Therefore, the observed light neutrino masses and relic abundance constraint on the dark matter, allows us to predict the heavy seesaw scale as illustrated in this paper.The methodology to connect dark matter and neutrino sector, as introduced here, is a generic one and can be applied to other possible neutrino mass generation mechanism and different dark matter candidate(s).