The scope of the workshop covers the science and technology on sensors and detectors with low Tc and high Tc superconductivity. The common sensors and detectors discussed in IWSSD are KIDs, MMCs, TESs, SNSPDs, and STJs as well as SQUIDs, and SQUID applications. It also includes other novel devices with low Tc and high Tc superconductivity.


  • Sensor physics and development:
    • KID, MMC, TES, SNSPD, STJ, and other novel sensors and detectors
    • SQUID, SQIF, and JPA
  • Fabrication & Materials
  • Cryogenics and Refrigeration
  • Readout electronics, Data acquisition, Signal processing and analysis
  • Applications:
    • Biosensors, Medical applications, Analytical implementation
    • Quantum computing and quantum information
    • Metrology, Nuclear safeguard, Security
    • Astroparticle physics, X-ray astronomy, CMB & mm-wave detection
    • Other novel applications
  • IEC-IEEE international standardization