The 4th Soft Matter Summer School : Charged Systems in Soft Matter


■ Subject: Charged Systems in Soft Matter

The School is designed to provide a broad perspective on the fundamental science and contemporary research in soft matter science for graduate students, post-docs, and other young scientists. It started in 2013 with the topic of soft Material Interfaces. The second school was about Active Systems (2014), and the third one about Polymers in Biology (2015). The school is sponsored by three organizations: IBS-CSLM (Korea Institute of Basic Science - Center for Soft and Living Matter, UNIST), KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) and UCSB-ICMR (University of California, Santa Barbara - International Center for Materials Research). In this year, the school will be hosted by IBS-CSLM and UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology). The meeting will begin with two-day pre-school for Korean participants, in which short review of soft matter science will be given in Korean by 3 invited speakers. In the school, 10 invited speakers will deliver lectures on the fundamental concepts to enable understanding of the underlying principles that govern charged systems in soft matter.


■ The lectures in the school will cover

1. Basic theory of electrostatic effects in soft matter

2. Electrostatic effects in biopolymer conformation and elasticity

3. Electrostatics of colloids, emulsions and oil water interfaces

4. Electrostatics in water

5. Charged polymers in the cell

6. Effect of structure on ion/electron transport in polymers

7. Interaction between polymers and ions studied by neutron scattering


■ Date: July 4  - July 14, 2016

■ Venue: UNIST, Ulsan Korea

    - Main Lecture Hall: Room E205, 2nd Engineering Building(#106)

    - Group Study Room: Room E204, T101, T201, T203, T205, T206

                                     2nd Engineering Building(#106)

■ Registration deadline: June 15, 2016

■ Organizing Committee Members:

- Philip A. Pincus (UCSB, USA)

- Mahn Won Kim (GIST, Korea)

- Hyuk Kyu Pak (UNIST/IBS, Korea)

- Changbong Hyeon (KIAS, Korea)

- Tsvi Tlusty (UNIST/IBS, Korea)

  • Ali Turab Jafry
  • Aman Agrawal
  • byung ho Lee
  • Byung Mook Weon
  • Chae Un Kim
  • Changbong Hyeon
  • Chanoong Lim
  • Cheonji Lee
  • Chi-Ho Cheng
  • Daeseong Yong
  • Dan Nguyen
  • David Jacobson
  • Deval Prasad Bhattarai
  • df df
  • Dohyung Kim
  • Doseok Kim
  • gibeom nam
  • Govind Paneru
  • Gyuhyeon Han
  • Hosub Lim
  • Hyunki Kim
  • imran saeed
  • Jaehun Lee
  • jaekwan im
  • Jaeup Kim
  • Jewon Choi
  • Jin Kyun Kim
  • Jintae Park
  • Joonwoo Jeong
  • Jubong Lee
  • Kim Yeseul
  • Lei Liu
  • Liao Maijia
  • Michael Lueckheide
  • Min Hyeok Kim
  • MinKi Lee
  • Moon-ki Choi
  • Muhammad Salman ABBASI
  • Myungwon Song
  • Oc Hee Han
  • Panayotis Benetatos
  • Ryungeun Song
  • Sarah Innes-Gold
  • Seong-Pyo Hong
  • Seul Woo Kim
  • Seyoung Kim
  • sojeong kim
  • Sojung Park
  • Soohyung Choi
  • Soojin Jo
  • Suman Ramanath
  • Sung Ha Park
  • Sunghak Park
  • Surendra Kumar Gautam
  • Taeyoung Heo
  • Wonseok Hwang
  • Woongmo Sung
  • Yasaman Moghadamnia
  • YeJin Kim
  • Yonggun Jun
  • Yongjin LEE
  • Yoonnam Jeon
  • Young Jae Kim
  • youngjin Kim
  • Youngkyun Jung
  • Yuno Lee
  • Zhiyu Jiang