23-27 May 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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Contribution Oral


Status of the SABRE experiment and background characterization


  • Mr. Nuti FRANCESCO

Primary authors


The SABRE (Sodium-iodide with Active Background REjection) experiment is designed to search for WIMP dark matter via detection of an annually modulating signal. The DAMA/LIBRA experiment claims the observation of a modulation compatible with dark matter detection. However, the candidate dark matter signal has not yet been confirmed by other experiments. SABRE will perform a high sensitivity search for a modulating signal using an array of NaI(Tl) crystals with unprecedented radio-purity, state-of-the-art phototubes, an active background veto, and ultra-pure-water shielding. The project comprises twin detectors installed at LNGS (Italy) and at SUPL (Australia). This solution will reduce seasonal and local systematic biases and will allow a more detailed study of the potential signal. This talk will give an overview of the project, will describe recent developments, and will present a preliminary background model based on simulations and radio-purity measurements.