11-15 July 2016
Daejeon, Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone
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Daejeon, Korea - CTPU seminar room

Disappearance of dancing reactor neutrinos at RENO


  • Soo-Bong KIM


The RENO collaboration has observed energy and baseline distance dependent disappearance of reactor neutrinos that are emitted from the Hanbit nuclear power plant in South Korea. The experimental group has measured a neutrino squared-mass difference and the smallest neutrino mixing probability more precisely. Both of them are essential for understanding the unknown nature of neutrinos. The RENO measured value of the mass difference between the heaviest and lightest neutrinos is roughly a billionth of an electron mass. The experiment observes surprising spectral deviation from the prediction of reactor neutrino models. In this talk, we will present recent results of reactor neutrino oscillation at RENO.