The 6th TAUN collaboration meeting

CAPP Seminar room (IBS (KAIST Munji Campus))

CAPP Seminar room

IBS (KAIST Munji Campus)


The TAUN collaboration meeting is a casual meeting among four IBS physics centers (CAPP, CTPU, CUP and CENS) in Daejeon. The main goal is to understand what other groups are doing in common research areas (dark matter, neutrino, CP symmetry, exotic nuclei etc) and to develop collaborationship between theory-experiment and/or different experimental groups. We encourage those who have an interest in those subjects and want to communicate with particle physicists to participate in the event.

TAUN represents the four physics research centers:
Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe
Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research
Center for Underground Physics
Center for Exotic Nuclear Studies.

A zoom teleconference is available for virtual participation:
Meeting ID: 610 806 8959
Passcode: 131015