IBS Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop for Complex Non-Equilibrium Systems




The 3rd Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop for Complex Non-Equilibrium Systems is designed to provide a broad perspective on the contemporary researches in soft matter science, nonequilibrium systems, and statistical physics for researchers in Asia-Pacific area. The first workshop was held in 2006 at National Central University Taiwan organized by P. Y. Lai and the second was held in 2011 at Chinese University of Hong Kong organized by K-Q Xia dn P. Y. Lai. In this year, the workshopl is hosted and sponsored by IBS-CSLM (Korea Institute of Basic Science - Center for Soft and Living Matter, UNIST) at Ulsan Korea.



1. Nonlinear dynamics

2. Hydrodynamcis/turbulence/convections

3. Soft Matter

4. Biological physics

5. Nonequilibrium physics

6. Statistical physics

7. Other frontier topics in physics


Date: May 19 - May 21, 2016


Venue: Rm 113, Bldg.#103 (Advanced Material Research Bldg.), UNIST, Korea


Invited Speakers:

Chi-Keung Chan, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

     "Effects of Dissolved Gases in the Formation of Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in Water"

Hsuan-Yi Chen, National Central University, Taiwan

     "Modeling bacterial gliding motility: planar motion and flipping"

Hyoung Jin Choi, Inha University, Korea

​     "Pickering emulsion polymerized smart particles and their suspension rheology under external fields​"

Mahn Won Kim, GIST, Korea

​     "Structure Study of Self-Assemblies with an Ionic Liquid​"

Yoon-hwae Hwang, Pusan National University, Korea

     "Relaxation Processes in Sugar Glasses"

Pik-Yin Lai, National Central University, Taiwan

​    "Control of Complex Dynamics in Cardiac & Physical Systems​"

Hyunggyu Park, KIAS, Korea

​     "Energetics and efficiency of an information engine​"

Hyuk Kyu Pak, UNIST, Korea

     "Nonequilibrium Fluctuations for a Single-Particle Analog of Gas in a Soft Wall"

Lei-Han Tang, Beijing Computational Science Research Center, China

     "Energy dissipation in biomolecular devices"

Kiwing To, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

     "Biased Brownian motion driven by coupled asymmetry and anisotropy in narrow channels"

Penger Tong, HKUST, Hong Kong

​    "Speed-dependent capillary force hysteresis and relaxation of a moving contact line"

Ke-Qing Xia, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

​     "Magnetotaxis behavior of Magnetospirillum Magneticum Strain AMB-1​"

Jie Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

​    "Study of an athermal quasi static plastic deformation in a 2D granular glass​"


Organizing Committee Members:

Hyuk Kyu Pak (UNIST/IBS, Korea)

Hyung Gyu Pak (KIAS, Korea)

Yoon-hwae Hwang (PNU, Korea)

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