Focus Meeting on Collider Phenomenology, IBS-CTPU-PTC


Focusing on Phenomenology for Hunting BSM Physics

A key target of the LHC is the search for and the discovery of particles beyond the Standard Model. The LHC experiments search for new physics in many different final state signatures sensitive to a vast variety of BSM scenarios. 

The LHC is probing the 13 TeV energy frontier with several tens of femtobarn of data collected so far. A key goal is to interpret the data, improve techniques and conduct new ideas in the hunt for new BSM particles.

We discuss new search strategies for BSM hunting, jet like objects, the interplay between collider phenomenology and dark matter, the connection between massive neutrinos and the LHC, Monte Carlo programms, tools for BSM reinterpretation of LHC data and machine learning techniques in collider physics. 

We want to talk and work in an informal meeting with the goal to create new ideas and collaborations for hunting BSM physics.

Invited people


Location: Library, IBS-CTPU

  Monday,12/12/2016 Tuesday,13/12/2016 Wednesday,14/12/2016 Thursday,15/12/2016 Friday,16/12/2016
10:30-11:30 none

Doojin Kim

Non-minimal Dark Sectors and Their Phenomenology


Olivier Mattelaer

Monte-Carlo aspects for Multi-Higgs production

Valentina de Romeri

- Impact of sterile neutrinos on cLFV processes
- Realistic estimation for the detectability of Dark Matter Galactic sub-halos with Fermi-LAT

Yi Cai

LHC vs. Precision Experiments: A Comparision of LFV D6 Operators


Zhen Liu

New ideas on Long-Lived Superparticles with Hadronic Decays at the LHC

Michihisa Takeuchi

ATLAS stop excess and monostop signature

Cedric Weiland

Direct and indirect tests of low-scale seesaw models at colliders (The seminar where you are the hero)

Lorenzo Ubaldi




  • Jong Soo Kim (IBS-CTPU)
  • Myeonghun Park (IBS-CTPU)
  • Michihisa Takeuchi (Kavli IPMU) 


IBS CTPU, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

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