Dark Photon Search at Undeground

Seminar room at 5th floor (Center for Undeground Physics at IBS)

Seminar room at 5th floor

Center for Undeground Physics at IBS

    • 1:30 PM 3:15 PM
      Session I (Chair: TBA)
      • 2:10 PM
        Dark photon search in B-factory experiments 30m
        Speaker: Youngjoon Kwon (YeonSe University)
      • 2:40 PM
        Multi purpose large liquid scintillator underground 20m
        Speaker: Yeongduk Kim (CUP, IBS)
      • 3:00 PM
        Carbon-14 15m
        Speaker: Jaison Lee (CUP, IBS)
    • 3:15 PM 3:40 PM
      Coffee Break 25m
    • 3:40 PM 5:10 PM
      Session II (Chair: TBA)
      • 3:40 PM
        Dark photon search with an electron beam dump near large liquid scintillator detector at underground 30m
        Speaker: Hyangkyu Park (CUP, IBS)
      • 4:10 PM
        Overview for low energy accelerator (Tentative) 30m
        Speaker: Eunsan Kim (Korea University)
      • 4:40 PM
        Electron Accelerators of EB Tech 30m
        Speaker: Bumsoo Han (EB Tech)
    • 5:10 PM 6:00 PM
      Discussion 50m
    • 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
      Dinner 2h