Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU-PTC)

Does a band structure affect sphaleron processes?

by Dr Eibun Senaha

It is known that a (B+L) current is violated by a chiral anomaly in the standard model. However, experimental verfication has not been done yet. In 1980's there were extensive studies on the (B+L)-changing process in high-energy collisions. Although a rigorous treatment is still absent, most of studies indicate that such a process is highly unlikely to occur at high-energy colliders. Recently, however, Tye and Wong have pointed out that (B+L)-changing process may be visible thanks to a band structure that was missing in the past work. In this talk, I will discuss the band structure effect on the (B+L)-changing process at high temperatures and investigate an impact on an electroweak baryogenesis scenario. I will also address some issues that are not properly discussed in the original work.