Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU-PTC)

Probing Anomalous Top-Yukawa Coupling through Higgs associated productions

by Dr Jung Chang

Top quark is the heaviest fermion we have ever found, in the Standard model it have the largestYukawa coupling. Thus it will give the main contributions to most of the Higgs boson loop productions, such as gluon fusion, Higgs boson pair production,… . Top quark pair and Higgs associated production is the largest cross section process that can directly probe the size of TopYukawa coupling, its measurement at LHC run-I still got large uncertainty. After LHC Run-I, the main constraints to Top Yukawa coupling comes indirectly from gluon fusion and Higgs decay into diphoton. Also the current data can’t rule out the Top Yukawa coupling contribution given from pseudo scalar. Single top and Higgs boson associated production can determined the size and sign of the Top Yukawa coupling, however its cross section is small in the standard model. Nevertheless if we have Top Yukawa coupling anomalous from Standard Model, the top Higgs associated production cross section can increase more than an order magnitude. In this talk, I will review theTop Yukawa coupling related Higgs associated productions. And introduce our recent few works about probe and distinguish size/sign of the Top Yukawa coupling.