Focus Meeting Fundamental Composite Dynamics: "From the Lattice via Colliders into the Sky", IBS CTPU


Focus Meeting on Fundamental Composite Dynamics:
"From the Lattice via Colliders into the Sky"


Standard Model extensions with a new strongly coupled sector can provide a solution to the hierarchy problem (Composite Higgs Models, Technicolor, etc.) with novel Higgs and TeV scale phenomenology which can be searched for at particle colliders. Alternatively (or in addition), strongly coupled sectors can provide interesting new candidates and phenomenology for Dark Matter (SIMPs, symmetry-protected bound states in CHM, etc.). However, it is inherently difficult to obtain quantitative (precise) results in strongly coupled models. Ultimately, Lattice simulations will be required for precise predictions. 

This meeting aims at bringing together a group of researchers from Lattice physics, particle and DM theory and model building, phenomenology, and LHC experiments. We want to provide a productive, informal setting to discuss the status and developments in strongly coupled Standard Model extensions, and to form new collaborations amongst the participants, with special focus on collaborations between people from different communities.

Preliminary schedule

  Monday,04/12/2017 Tuesday,05/12/2017 Wednesday,06/12/2017 Thursday,07/12/2017 Friday,08/12/2017


exotics searches at the LHC: boosted objects [Hwidong Yoo]

Composite Higgs overview [T. Gherghetta]

DM from hidden strong dynamics [Hyun Min Lee]

Strong EWSB (notes) & Walking Technicolor [S. Chivukula,  E. Simmons, Deog-Ki Hong]

top-partners in composite models: status and perspectives [A. Deandrea & Seung Joon Lee]


introduction & round table (ideas for working groups





strongly coupled BSM models on the Lattice 1 & 2 [ David Lin & Jong-Wan Lee]

& discussion

working groups & collaboration

working groups & collaboration

working groups, collaboration, Talks

working groups & collaboration

coffee & discussion  

coffee & discussion  

 CTPU seminar  

coffee & discussion  

coffee & discussion  

working groups & collaboration

working groups & collaboration

working groups & collaboration

talks: special topics

Very light dilaton and naturally light Higgs [Deog-Ki Hong] 
Dark pion DM: WIMP or SIMP [Pyungwon Ko]

working groups & collaboration


Participants (confirmed)

  • Martin Bauer (Heidelberg U.)
  • Alexander Belyaev (Rutherford & Southampton U.)
  • Giacomo Cacciapaglia (IPN Lyon)
  • Sekhar Chivukula (Michigan State U.)
  • Eung Jin Chun (KIAS)
  • Aldo Deandrea (IPN Lyon)
  • Benjamin Fuks (IUF Paris & LPTHE Paris)
  • Tony Gherghetta (Minnesota U.)
  • Deog Ki Hong (Pusan Nat. U.)
  • Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)
  • Hyun Min Lee (Chung-Ang U.)
  • Jong-Wan Lee (Pusan Nat. U.)
  • Seung Joon Lee (Korea U.)
  • Dong-Won Jung (Korea U.) 
  • David Lin (NCTU Taiwan)
  • Seong Chan Park (Yonsei U.)
  • Elizabeth Simmons (UC San Diego)
  • Hwidong Yoo (Seoul Nat. U.)



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IBS CTPU, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

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