Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU)

Neutrino Masses and Dark Matter in a Supersymmetric Inverse Seesaw Model

by Dr Martin Spinrath (NCTS)

CTPU seminar room (Theory Building 4th Floor)

CTPU seminar room

Theory Building 4th Floor

IBS Main Campus, Daejeon
Neutrino Masses, Dark Matter and the Hierarchy Problem are three of the well established shortcomings of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. In this talk I will present a model which addreses these three problems simultaneously. While the hierarchy problem is solved by the introduction of Supersymmetry we extend the MSSM particle content slightly to implement a low scale seesaw. In fact, the seesaw scale in our model is related to the electroweak scale. As dark matter candidate we consider sneutrinos which annihilate through the X scalar which is in charge of generating neutrino masses. Thus we he have a close connection between neutrino masses and the dark matter sector.