Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU)

A complete, calculable, predictive and testable model for all known and required CP violation

by Dr. Changsub Shin

Monday, 11 January 2016 from to (Asia/Seoul)

Abstract : We present a complete, calculable, predictive and testable supersymmetric model for all known and required CP violation. The origin of all CP violation and flavor mixing in the model is contained in the setup of an SU(5) unified Nelson-Barr mechanism. The scale of spontaneous CP breaking is taken to be larger than the right handed (RH) neutrino masses to allow for thermal leptogenesis. Supersymmetry protects the strong CP phase from dangerous contributions induced due to the large CP breaking scale. The low energy theory is a supersymmetric type I seesaw model, with all flavor mixing and CP violating effects contained in a wave function renormalization matrix. The model acomodates all the measured masses and mixing angles in the quark and lepton sector, solves the strong CP problem, predicts the CP violating phases in the PMNS matrix, a normal neutrino mass hierarchy and the lightest neutrino mass to be in the window 2 x10-3 eV < m\nu1 < 9.5 x 10-3 eV. The observed baryon asymmetry is obtained through thermal leptogenesis for a RH neutrino mass 109 GeV < M1 < 1011 GeV. The analysis is considerably simplified by making use of flavor invariants.