Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU-PTC)

Searching for Low-Mass Dark Matter at Neutrino Experiments

by Doojin Kim (Texas A&M University)

zoom meeting

zoom meeting

While there are many pieces of gravity-based evidence that dark matter exists in the universe, no experiments, mostly for dark matter candidates of weak-scale mass, have made any conclusive observation through non-gravitational coupling of dark matter to Standard Model particles. In light of this situation, dark matter candidates of other mass scales have received increasing attention. In particular, MeV - sub-GeV dark matter is well motivated as it can be produced thermally while being less constrained by current experimental searches. Ongoing and near-future high-intensity neutrino experiments are well motivated in the search for such dark-matter particles. In this context, I will discuss light dark matter searches at neutrino-beam experiments. Taking COHERENT and DUNE as examples of low-energy and high-energy beam experiments, respectively, I will contrast the search strategies.