Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU-PTC)

Millicharged Particles and Dark Matter indirect detection

by Rajaee Meshkat (Jeonbuk National University (JBNU))

zoom meeting

zoom meeting

Various alleged indirect dark matter search signals, such as the 511 keV line from galaxy center or the PAMELA/AMS02 signal, are often challenged by the absence of corresponding signal from dwarf galaxies and/or from the absence of an impact on CMB through delayed recombination. We propose a novel scenario to explain 511 keV signal, that can avoid these bounds based on the decay of dark matter, X, to a pair of intermediate particles C and \bar{C} with a lifetime much greater than the age of the universe. Having a small electric charge, these millicharged particles can be trapped by the galactic magnetic field. Moreover, we discuss how this scenario can provide a solution to AMS02 positron excess based on the decay of dark matter particles into intermediate millicharged particles. Finally, we will discuss how such a small charge can have interesting consequences including a signal in direct dark matter searches.