Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU-PTC)

Global structures of 3d SUSY QFTs from M-theory

by Yi-nan Wang (Peking U.)

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zoom meeting


Generalized symmetries and their anomalies are useful contemporary tools to describe the global structures of a physical system. More recently, the concept of Symmetry Topological Field Theory (SymTFT) was introduced, which can capture different choices of the global structures of a QFT. In this work, we present the derivation of the SymTFT of 3d SUSY QFTs from an M-theory geometric perspective. For the applications, we focus on AdS4/CFT3 setups, including ABJ(M) theories and 3d N=2 toric CY4 constructions. Higher-form symmetries and mixed anomalies of these physical theories will be discussed.