[2024] CTPU-CGA Seminar

Dr. Boris Latosh, “Inflation from one-loop effective potential in perturbative quantum gravity”




We study inflation in scalar-tensor perturbative quantum gravity driven by a one-loop effective potential. We consider effective potentials generated by three models. The first model describes a single scalar field with a non-vanishing mass. The second model describes a massless scalar field with non-minimal coupling to the Einstein tensor. The third model generalises the massive Coleman-Weinberg model for the gravitational case. The first model can be consistent with the observational data for N∼70 e-foldings. The second model can be consistent with the observational data for N∼40 e-foldings. We did not find parameters that make the generalised Coleman-Weinberg model consistent with the observational data. The talk is based on arXiv:2307.02214.