Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU-PTC)

Constraining the string axiverse with Black Hole Superradiance

by Dr Viraf M. Mehta (Universität Göttingen)

CTPU Seminar Room

CTPU Seminar Room

Fourth floor IBS Building, 55, Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea, 34126

We discuss imposing physical constraints on the recently generated Kreuzer-Skarke Axiverse, namely the application of mass limits coming from black hole superradiance.  We describe the methodology we have used to generate axion data from the topological and geometrical information derived from the Kreuzer-Skarke database. We, finally, briefly touch on how our approach can also be applied to other physical limits on axion masses and decay constants to rule out previously viable string backgrounds.