Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU-PTC)

The Selfish Higgs, Reheating and Dark Matter

by Prof. Hyun Min Lee (Chung-Ang University)

On-line seminar

On-line seminar

We consider the cosmological relaxation of the Higgs mass and the cosmological constant due to the four-form fluxes in four dimensions. In models of singlet scalar fields with four-form couplings, we show that the Higgs mass can be relaxed to a right value and the Universe reheats to a sufficiently high reheating temperature after the last membrane nucleation. We also discuss the implications of the four-form couplings for the production of dark matter in these models. We also consider the non-minimal four-form coupling to gravity to flatten the inflaton potential at large field values in chaotic inflation with a pseudo-scalar field, while respecting the shift symmetry in the effective Lagrangian. We show the success of inflationary predictions and robustness in this model.