Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU)

CP Violation of Kaon System and New Physics

by Prof. Teppei Kitahara (Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University)

On-line seminar

On-line seminar

Kaon system has been a golden channel for new physics search, and the third generation quarks have been predicted successfully. Even now, the kaon system is still a golden channel thanks to several improvements on accuracy of kaon measurements. In this talk, I'm going to provide an overview of current/future kaon physics in light of searching for physics beyond the standard model. The main topics are (1) two CP violations in $K\to \pi \pi$ ($\varepsilon_K$ and $\varepsilon^{\prime}/\varepsilon$), (2) CP violation in $K \to \mu^+ \mu^-$ and its new physics sensitivity, and (3) $K \to \pi \bar\nu \nu$ and the related new physics interpretations. These channels are interesting and entangling in light of future precise lattice calculations, and future precision measurements by LHCb, NA62, and KOTO experiments. Besides, these correlations could distinguish the new physics models.