Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU)

The FL bound and its implications

by Gerben Venken

zoom meeting

zoom meeting


The Festina Lente (FL) bound arises from demanding that very large charged black holes in universes with a positive cosmological constant must decay without becoming singular. The FL bound states that the mass of all charged states is bounded from below by a scale set by the vacuum energy. 
In this talk, I will first review the argument for the FL bound from charged black hole decay. I will discuss some of the pheno applications of the FL bound such as to the electroweak hierarchy problem and to Higgs physics. I will discuss the FL bound in a string theory context and go over what it implies for string compactifications with a positive cosmological constant generally and antibrane uplifts specifically. 

Based on 1910.01648 and 2106.07650