Jul 11 – 15, 2016
Daejeon, Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone

Excursion (Gongju City)

UNESCO World Heritage of Gongju City

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Gongju City

Gongju was formerly named Ungjin and was the capital of Baekje from AD 475 to 538. In this period, Baekje was under threat from Goguryeo. Goguryeo had overrun the previous capital of Hanseong (modern-day Seoul), which forced Baekje to find a new center of strength.

In 538, King Seong moved the capital to Sabi (in modern-day Buyeo County). However, Gongju remained an important center until the kingdom's fall in 660.

Gongju is located about 50 min away by car from the workshop site. The excursion will be on Friday afternoon.


Gongju Gongsanseong

A fortress in the Geumgang River area, Gongsanseong is one of the earliest walls made to protect Gongju, the capital of the Baekje Dynasty.
It was originally earthen walls but rebuilt with stones in the Joseon Dynasty.


Ancient Tombs in Songsan-ri

Located in Geumseong-dong, Gongju, these are the tombs of the Baekje Dynasty.
The seven tombs located on the southern slope of Songsan Mountain are of Baekje kings including King Muryeong.