Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU)

Inflation and Supersymmetry Breaking in Higgs-R^2 Supergravity

by Shuntaro Aoki (CAU)

zoom meeting

zoom meeting


The Higgs inflation perfectly agrees with the CMB observation, but suffers from unitarity problem due to a large non-minimal coupling of Higgs field to the Ricci scalar. Recently, it has been shown that introducing a Ricci square term (R2 term) in the Higgs inflation can solve this problem. In this talk, I discuss an supersymmetric embedding of the Higgs-R2 inflation, whcih provides an UV completion of the Higgs-R2 model. We investigate several conditions for the original successful inflation to be kept after supersymmetrization, and also discuss supersymmetry breaking and its phenomenological consequence.

Reference : arXiv:2108.00222