Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU)

F-theory on toroidal Orbifolds

by Paul Oehlmann

zoom meeting

zoom meeting


Toroidal 6D Orbifolds are historically one of the first compactification spaces within the heterotic string but have been fully classified only rather recently. In this talk we want to consider those geometries as backgrounds for F-theory compactifications leading to 6D SUGRA theories. We workout a general prescription of how to associate a SUGRA theory for an orbifold geometry and associates its spectrum using the help of heterotic Worldsheet techniques. While doing so we find a very rich class of SUGRA theories and geometric structures: Those include gauge theories with various discrete 0-1-and 2-form symmetries coupled to SCFT sectors. Moreover we show that there can be multiple F-theory lifts to the same orbifold geometry, which shows that they become dual in M-theory that is when compactified on another circle to five dimensions.