Date: 2023 June 12 - 18 

Location: IBS, Daejun, Korea


PPC is an opportunity to bring together scientists working on particle physics and cosmology, from an experimental or theoretical perspective, to explore the profound interconnections between the micro and macro-worlds – from the smallest to the largest structures in the universe. Advances in high-energy physics can have a major impact on our understanding of the physics of the early universe, shedding light on the era of inflation, the identity of dark matter and dark energy, the origin of the observed matter-antimatter asymmetry, the importance of neutrinos in the evolution of our universe, and the large scale structure formation. Conversely, advances in precision cosmology and observational astronomy can impact the directions in particle physics model building and can motivate specific types of searches in high-energy physics experiments at the energy and intensity frontiers.

We hope to provide a stimulating venue for fruitful discussions and exchange of scientific ideas at the intersection of nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. It is timely to emphasize the importance of PPC in light of the ongoing Snowmass exercise and the Astro Decadal Survey.



Steering Committee







Science and Culture Center
IBS Science and Culture Center 2nd floor Auditorium , IBS, Daejeon