August 28, 2023 to September 1, 2023
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Based on the bilateral program between CAS and JSPS and the MOU between CEICO and CTPU, we organize the workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to exchange ideas, to promote collaboration, and to discuss recent developments in Cosmology, Gravity, and Particle Physics.


The list of invited lecturers is

Alexey Koshelev (Shanghai Tech) 
Naritaka Oshita (YITP) 
Joe Sato (YNU)
Teruaki Suyama (Tokyo Tech)


The list of invited speakers is

Sebastian Bahamonde (Tokyo Tech) 
Han Gil Choi (IBS) 
Shinji Mukohyama (YITP)            
Xin Ren (Tokyo Tech) 
Zi-Yu Tang (IBS) 
Anna Tokareva (HIAS)  
Leonardo G. Trombetta (CEICO) 
Jorge Gigante Valcarcel (Tokyo Tech) 
Alexander Vikman (CEICO) 


The list of participants is

Miki Arai (Ochanomizu) F
Sebastian Bahamonde (Tokyo Tech) M
Han Gil Choi (IBS) M
Alexey Koshelev (Shanghai Tech)  M
Hitomi Kuroda (Ochanomizu) F
Tomotaka Kuroda (Tokyo Tech) M
Siyao Li (Tokyo Tech) F
Shinji Mukohyama (YITP) Online
Michiru Niibo (Ochanomizu, IBS) F
Naritaka Oshita (YITP) M            
Xin Ren (Tokyo Tech) M
Fumiya Sano (Tokyo Tech, IBS) M 
Joe Sato (YNU) M
Teruaki Suyama (Tokyo Tech) M
Zi-Yu Tang (IBS) F
Anna Tokareva (HIAS) F 
Kyosuke Tomonari (Tokyo Tech) M 
Georg Trenkler (CEICO)  M
Leonardo G. Trombetta (CEICO) M
Jorge Gigante Valcarcel (Tokyo Tech) M
Alexander Vikman (CEICO) M
Masahide Yamaguchi (IBS, Tokyo Tech) M
Jiale Zhang (Ochanomizu) F


The organizers are

Alexander Vikman (CEICO)
Masahide Yamaguchi (IBS, Tokyo Tech)