Speaker :  Karl K. Berggren

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Title :   Superconducting Nanostrip Detectors for Dark-Matter Search

Abstract : Superconducting nanostrips (Superconducting Nanostrip Single-Photon Detectors) have found utility across application areas in science and engineering, from free-space communications for space missions to searches for light dark matter. This latter application has emerged only recently and originates from two key features of the devices: (1) the uniquely low dark-count rate available in these devices; and (2) the remarkable sensitivity to low-energy excitations (now well below 100 meV).  Through the LAMPOST experiment, and through efforts at direct detection, we have been able to lower constraints on dark matter interaction strengths through our efforts. This talk will provide a general review of these detectors, and talk about their potential future use in this field.