Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU-PTC)

Symmetry Topological field theory for Subsystem symmetry

by Qiang Jia (KIAS)

Seminar Room (CTPU)

Seminar Room


We generalize the idea of symmetry topological field theory (SymTFT) to subsystem symmetry. We propose the 2-foliated BF theory with level N in (3+1)d as subsystem SymTFT for subsystem Z_N symmetry in (2+1)d.  Focusing on N=2, we investigate various topological boundaries. The subsystem Kramers-Wannier and Jordan-Wigner dualities can be viewed as boundary transformations of the subsystem SymTFT and are included in a larger duality web from the subsystem SL(2,Z_2) symmetry of the bulk foliated BF theory.