January 2, 2024 to December 31, 2024
Asia/Seoul timezone

IBS-CTPU, regular seminars will be on every Wednesday 3PM in our seminar room.         
(Special dates/times are announced as RED text)

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seminar organizers 

  • Jai-Chan Hwang
  • Seokhoon Yun
  • Tae Hyun Jung
  • Seung-Joo Lee

 (*:To be confirmed) 

Date    Speaker Title
Jan. 24 (2pm)Qiang JiaKIASSymmetry Topological field theory for Subsystem symmetry
Feb. 5Yasutaka KogaNagoya Uni.Shadow formation in gravitational collapse and effect of redshift by spacetime dynamics
Feb. 6 (2pm) Anthony FrancisYang Ming Chiao Tung Uni.Perspectives on the (sub)structure of multi-quark hadrons in QCD
Feb/ 6Yongsun KimSejong Uni.Pentaquarks at the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC):  in theoretical and experimental aspects
Feb 23 (Fri, 4pm)Andrei ConstantinOxford U.Particle Physics, String Theory and Machine Learning
Feb 28Fabian ZierlerSwansea UniversityComposite Dark Matter from Sp(2N) Gauge Theory
Mar 13Luca VisinelliTsung-Dao Lee Institute (TDLI)Indirect Detection of the QCD Axion: Resonant Conversion in Neutron Star Magnetospheres
Mar 18Carlo BranchinaChung-Ang University 
Mar 20 (4pm)Fabio ApruzziPadova U.Aspects of (non-)invertible symmetries from branes: symmetry theories and generalized charges
Mar 27Young-Hwan HyunKASI 
Apr 17Yi ZhangPeking U.TBD
Apr 18Janusz RosiekWarsaw U.Systematic approach to loop calculation in Effective Field Theories
Apr 24 (10:30AM)Chen SunLos AlamosAxion Archaeology -- Echos from Ancient Supernova Remnants
May 22Nodoka YamanakaRiken 
June 26Sergey KetovTokyo Metropolitan UniversityInflation and primordial black holes as the source of dark matter and gravitational waves
July 17Philip LuSNU