January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015
Asia/Seoul timezone


IBS-CTPU regular seminars.

Organized by Kenji Kadota
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Date Speaker Host Title
January 21  Kinya Oda
(Osaka University)
  Eternal Higgs inflation and cosmological constant problem
March 18 Kazunori Kohri
  Coleman-Weinberg Inflation
March 25 Ken-ichi Okumura
(Kyushu University)
  Phenomenology of NMSSM in TeV scale mirage mediation
April 1 Hye-Sung Lee
  Quest for a New fundamental force
April 6 Kyu Jung Bae
(Oklahoma University)
  Dark Matter in Supersymmetric Axion Model
April 22 Eung-Jin Chun
  Muon g-2 in Lepton-specific 2HDM
Arpil 29 Sanghyeon Chang
  Two Higgs Doublet Models after the LHC Run 1
May 6 Cris Sabiu
  Cosmology from 2nd and 3rd Order Clustering Statistics of the Galaxy Distribution
July 7 Hajime Otsuka
  Natural inflation with and without modulations in string theory
July 8 Tatsuo Kobayashi
  Towards realistic models in SO(32) heterotic string theory
July 15 Jinn-Ouk Gong
  Breaking discrete symmetries in the effective field theory of inflation
July 28 Chang Sub Shin
  Dark matter phenomenology at low reheating temperature
July 30 Kihyeon Cho
  Quarkonium and Lattice Gauge Theory
August 26 Seung Joo Lee
  Hypercharge flux in heterotic compactifications
September 16 Yutaka Hosotani
  Gauge-Higgs unification: from EW to GUT
October 2 Ryuichiro Kitano
  Strong CP problem and axion on the lattice
October 7 Jeonghyeon Song
(Konkuk University)
  Phenomenology of 2HDM with interference
October 28 Tao Han
(Pittsburgh University)
  Physics at future colliders
November 4 Naonori Sugiyama
(University of Tokyo)
  Theoretical modeling of cosmological momentum field through the kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect
November 20 Jae Sik Lee
(Chonnam National University)
  Enhanced Charged Higgs Production through W^\pm-Higgs Fusion
December 8 Paolo Gondolo
  Theorists' perspectives on dark matter searches