January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
Asia/Seoul timezone

IBS-CTPU, PTC regular seminars will be on every Wednesday 3PM in our seminar room.
(Special dates are announced as RED text)

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seminar organizers 

  • Chang Sub Shin
  • Tae Hyun Jung
  • Zhuoni Qian 


Date Speaker Contact person Title
Jan. 11
Prof. Mark Hindmarsh (Sussex U.)   Gravitational waves from phase transitions in the early Universe
Jan. 17 Mr. Jae Hyeok Chang (Stony Brook U.)   1987A Constraints on Low-Mass Dark Sectors
Feb. 7  Dr. Junmou Chen (KIAS)   On the Feynman Rules of Massive Gauge Theory on Physical Gauges
Mar. 7 Dr. Jinsu Kim (KIAS-QUC)   A possible link between inflation and dark matter

Mar. 14 (4pm)

Prof. Amnon Aharony (Ben-Gurion U. of the Negev) Colloquium Spin orbit interactions, time reversal symmetry and spin filtering
Mar. 21 Prof. Seyong Kim (Sejong U.)   Lattice Calculation of Thermal Averaged Sommerfeld Factor
Mar. 28 Dr. Ryo Nagai (Tohoku U.)   Sum rules for extended electroweak symmetry breaking sectors
Apr. 11 (10:30am) Dr. Jeong-Pyong Hong (SNU)   Inflaton fragmentation in E-models of cosmological $alpha$-attractors
Apr. 18 Dr. Dibyakrupa Sahoo (Yonsei U.)   Prediction of the CP asymmetry $C_{00}$ in $B^0 \to D^0 \overline{D}^0$ decay
Apr. 24
Prof. Yuri Kivshar (Australian National U.) Colloquium Plasmonics: From materials to artificial colors and metasurfaces
May. 2 Dr. Naoya Kitajima (Nagoya U.)   Gravitational waves in string axiverse
May. 16 Dr. Fang Ye (KAIST)   Leptogenesis in cosmological relaxation with particle production
May. 23 Dr. Yohei Ema (KEK)   Electroweak vacuum metastability in inflationary unvierse
May. 24
Prof. Soonkeon Nam (Kyunghee U.) Colloquium

Machine that learns and searches for new particle and laws in physics

May. 30 Prof. Ki-Young Choi (SKKU)   Non-thermal WIMP baryogengesis
Jun. 14
Prof. Keith R. Dienes (Arizona U.) Colloquium Probing the String Landscape: Implications, Applications, and Altercations
Jun. 27 Dr. Martin Spinrath (NCTS Tsing-Hua U.   Neutrino Masses and Dark Matter in a Supersymmetric Inverse Seesaw Model
Jul. 12  (Thursday) Dr. Devdatta Majumder (Kansas U., CERN)   Higgs bosons and b-tagging as tools for new physics searches at the CERN LHC
Jul. 13  (Friday) Dr. Sung Hak Lim (KEK)   Spectral Analysis for Jet Substructure with Neural Network: Boosted Higgs Case
Aug. 24  (Friday) Dr. David J. E. Marsh (University of G ̈ottingen)   Axion-like Particle Dark Matter & Small-scale Structure
Sep. 3  (Friday) Mr. Cyril Lagger (University of Sydney)   Gravitational waves as a probe of fundamental physics
Sep. 5 Prof. Ulrich Kuhl (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis) Colloquium Investigating topological structures by microwave experiments with coupled dielectric reonator 
Oct. 4  (Thursday) Dr. Hyunbae Park (KASI)   Recombination during the Epoch of Reionization
Oct. 10 (2:30pm) Dr. Ke-Pan Xie (SNU)   Searching for the resonances of the Minimal Composite Higgs Model at the LHC
Oct. 10 (4pm) Prof. Stefan Boettcher
(Emory Univ.)
Colloquium Explaining slow relaxation in jammed materials and aging in terms of record fluctuations
Oct. 17 Prof. Kfir Blum (Weizmann In.)   Galactic Rotation Curves vs. Ultra-Light Dark Matter
Oct. 19    (Fri. 2:30) Prof. Alexei Smirnov (MPIK)   Strange effects in neutrino oscillations
Nov. 13   (Tue. 2pm) Dr. Biswajit Karmakar (PRL)   Dark side of the Seesaw
Nov. 14 Dr. Soyoung Shim (KonKuk U.)   The fate of the Littlest Higgs Model with T-parity under 13 TeV LHC Data
Nov. 28 Dr. Arnab Dasgupta (Seoul Tec.)   Revisiting some aspects in Baryogenesis

Dec. 3 (4pm)

Prof. Hitoshi Murayama (U.C. Berkley) Colloquium

IBS Physics Colloquium: When a Symmetry Breaks

Dec. 12 Dr. Ligong Bian (CAU.)   Dynamical FIMP with phase transition and gravitational waves in the scotogenic model