January 6, 2016 to December 28, 2016
Asia/Seoul timezone

IBS-CTPU regular seminars will be on every Wednesday 3PM in our seminar room.
(Special dates are announced as RED text)

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2015 IBS-CTPU seminar

Organized by 
Andrew Spray,  Toyokazu Sekiguchi and Myeonghun Park
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Date Speaker Host Title
January 6  No seminar    
January 11
 Chang Sup Shin
(Rutgers University)
Hye-Sung A complete, calculable, predictive and testable model for all known and required CP violation
January 12  Takashi Okamoto (Hokkaido) Kenji Small-scale problems of CDM and baryonic solutions to them
January 13  Hiroyuki Tashiro
(Nagoya Univerity)
Kenji Search for parity-odd signatures in the gamm ray sky
Janyary 27 No seminar    
February 5
Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay
(U.Salento & INFN)
Hye-Sung Higgs bosons: discovered and hidden, in extended supersymmetric standard models at the LHC
February 10 No seminar   Lunar New year holiday
February 17 Koichi Hamaguchi
(University of Tokyo)
Kenji Diphoton Excess and Running Couplings
February 24 Pyongwon Ko
  Dark sector shining through 750 GeV dark Higgs boson at the LHC
March 2  No seminar    
March 9 Hiroshi Yokoya

Probing CP violation in e+e− production of the Higgs boson and toponia

March 16 No seminar    
March 22
Hwidong Yoo
(Seoul National U.)
Hye-Sung Search for leptophobic Z’ decaying into four leptons in the final state at 8 TeV with the CMS detector
March 28
Alejandro Ibarra
(Munich Tech. U)
Myeonghun Searching for sharp gamma-ray spectral features from dark matter annihilation
April 1
Gungwon Kang
Ki-young Choi Special session on the recent gravitational waves detection
(15:00 - 18:30)
April 6 No seminar    
April 11
Sachiko Kuroyanagi (Nagoya) Sekiguchi Gravitational waves from second-order scalar perturbations
April 13 No seminar   General election day
April 14 (Thursday) Naoya Kitajima (APCTP) Sekiguchi TBA
April 18
Mihoko M. Nojiri
Myeonghun Heavy Fermion Bound States for Diphoton Excess at 750GeV - Collider and Cosmological constraints
April 19
Tues. 4pm)
Veronica Sanz
(U. Sussex)

See-saw composite Higgs models

April 20
April 21
 KPS Pioneer
   New resonance searches at the LHC and impacts on BSM phenomenology 
April 22
(Fri. 2PM)
Jure Zupan
(Cincinnati U.)
  Renomalization group effects in direct dark matter detection
April 27 Jason Evans   Naturalizing Supersymmetry with a Two-Field Relaxion Mechanism
May 9
Benjamin Radburn-Smith (SNU)
Hye-Sung Searching for Z' decaying to leptons with CMS at the LHC
May 4 No seminar   IBS-SNU joint workshop on particle physics
May 11  Jong Soo Kim
(IFT-UAM, Madrid)
Myeonghun Minimal Natural Supersymmetry at the LHC8
May 12-
May 18
Jong Soo Kim
(IFT-UAM, Madrid)
  Lectures on Collider Physics
May 19
Yukinari Sumino (Tohoku U.) Myeonghun Understanding Heavy Quark-AntiQuark System by Perturbative QCD 
May 20
Yukinari Sumino (Tohoku U.) Myeonghun Computation of heavy quarkonium spectrum in perturbative QCD and determination of mc, mb, mt
May 25 Hyang Kyu Park
  Search for solar axions with CsI(Tl) crystal detectors
June 1 Viraf Mehta
(Heidelberg U.)
Andrew Monodromy Dark Matter
June 8 Minoru Tanaka (Osaka U) Myeonghun Neutrino Physics with Atomic/Molecular Processes
June 15
Sunny Seo (SNU) Myeonghun New results from RENO and future project RENO-50
June 22 Seungwon Baek (KIAS) Myeonghun Leptophilic dark matter and LFV Higgs decay
June 29 Kazuki Sakurai
Myeonghun Search for Sphalerons: LHC vs. IceCube
July 6 No seminar    
July 13 No seminar   Light Dark World Internationl Forum 2016
July 20      
July 27 Kaoru Hagiwara
Myeonghun How to measure the helicity of a vector resonance?
August 3      
August 10 Eun-Joo Ahn
(UC, Santa Barbara)
August 17      
August 24      
September 7 Carsten Rott
  The Hunt for Dark Matter with Neutrinos
September 14 No seminar   Korea Harvest Day (Chusok)
September 21 No seminar    
September 28 No seminar    
October 5 KyungJin Ahn (Chosun University) Kenji Cosmology with Hydrogen 21cm Background
October 6     CTPU-KASI joint meeting
October 12      
October 19 No seminar    Korea Physics Society Meeting 
October 26      
November 1, (4pm Tue.) Eric Linder
Kenji Future Cosmic Survyes and Fundamental Physics
November 2 Radovan Dermisek
(Indiana U.)
Kenji Emergence of small numbers in complex systems and the origin of the electroweak scale
November 3, (3pm Thurs.) Koji Tsumura
(Kyoto Univ)
Kenji Scotogenic Seesaw Mechanism and DiscreteGauge Symmetries
November 4, (3pm Fir.) Krzysztof Turzynski Thomas Dark matter with low reheating temperature
November 9 Dominik Stoeckinger  Thomas Theory of the muon g-2 in the SM and in new physics models
November 10 (Colloquium) Kang Young Lee   SHiP - Search for Hidden Particle
November 16 Hwang, Sungmin
(Munich, Tech U)
  Poincare invariance in low-energy EFTs for QCD and its implications to long-distance QCD potentials via effective string theory
November 23 Monojit Ghosh (Tokyo Metropolitan University) Sushant Raut Evidence for leptonic CP phase from NOVA, T2K and ICAL
November 30 No seminar    IBS-PNU Joint Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology
December 7 No seminar Kyu Jung Bae Focus Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology
December 14   Myeonghun Park
Jong Soo Kim
Focus Meeting on Collider Phenomenology
December 21      
December 28