January 12, 2019 to January 11, 2020
Asia/Seoul timezone

IBS-CTPU, PTC regular seminars will be on every Wednesday 3PM in our seminar room.
(Special dates are announced as RED text)

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seminar organizers 

  • Chang Sub Shin
  • Jeff Kost
  • Dongjin Chway  


Date Speaker Contact person Title
Jan. 9 Prof. Benjamin Fuks (LPTHE-CNRS-UPMC)    Cornering dark matter with colliders and cosmology: the role of precision calculations
Jan. 21  (Monday) Dr. Lucien Heurtier (Univ. of Arizona)   EeV-scale Dark Matter: Production Mechanism and Experimental Signatures
Mar. 6 Dr. Oleg Popov (Seoul Tech.)   Neutrino mass models
Mar. 15  (Friday) Dr. Johannes Braathen (Osaka U.)   Matching renormalisable couplings between generic theories
Mar. 20 Dr. Kohei Kamada (RESCEU, Univ. of Tokyo)  
Higgs-R^2 models as a UV-extension of Higgs inflation and violent preheating 

Mar. 21  (Colloquium)

Dr. Chang-Hwan Lee (Pusan National Univ.)  

IBS Physics Colloquium: Tidal deformability of neutron stars and gravitational waves

Mar. 27 Dr. Jae-hyeon Park (KIAS)   Potentially interesting aspects of the effective potential 
Apr. 10 Dr. Jongkuk Kim (KIAS)   Constraining dark matter-neutrino interactions with IceCube-170922A
Apr. 23  (Tuesday) Dr. Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic (Stony Brook U.)   Spontaneous Flavor Violation
Apr. 26  (Friday) Dr. Yiming Zhong (Boston U.)   Constraining Dissipative Dark Matter Self-Interactions
May. 8 Dr. Tomohiro Nakama (Hong Kong U. Sci. Tech.)   Formation of primordial black holes and their cosmological implications
May. 29 Prof. Kohsaku Tobioka (Florida State Universe)   New Probes for BSM physics at Kaon Factories 
Jun. 10  (Colloquium) Dr. Bong Won Sohn (KASI)  

IBS Physics Colloquium: First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results - The Shadow of the Supermassive Black Hole

Jun. 19 Dr. Iñaki Lara Pérez (IFT/Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)   Hunting long-lived particles at the LHC in the μνSSM
Jun. 26  Dr. Tobias Binder (Kavli IPMU)   Dark Matter Sommerfeld-enhanced annihilation and bound-state decay at finite temperature  
Jun. 27  (Thursday) Prof. Dong-Han Yeom (PNU)   Quantum gravitational treatment for inside a black hole  
July. 9  (Tuesday) Dr. Yusuke Yamamda (RESCEU, Tokyo U.)   Nonlinear realization of supersymmetry
July. 10 Dr. Yusuke Yamamda (RESCEU, Tokyo U.)   Application of nonlinearly realized supersymmetry
Jul. 18  (Colloquium) Dr. Young-Kee Kim (U. of Chicago)  

IBS Physics Colloquium: An Atom as an Onion

Aug. 14 Dr. Lingfeng Li (HK U.)   Coscattering/Coannihilation Dark Matter in a Fraternal Twin Higgs Model
Aug. 27  (Tuesday) Dr. Yutaro Shoji (KMI)   Precise Determination of Vacuum Decay Rates
Aug. 28 Dr. Yutaro Shoji (KMI)   Fast-Rolling Relaxion
Oct. 16 Dr. Viraf  M. Mehta (Gottingen U.)   Constraining the string axiverse with Black Hole Superradiance
Nov. 8-12 IBS-ICTP Join Workshop    IBS-ICTP Workshop on Axion-Like Particles 
Dec. 9-13 CTPU Workshop    Particle Physics in Computing Frontier 
Dec. 24  (Tuesday) Dr. Tao Yang (APCTP)   Cosmography and flat LCDM tension from quasar at high redshift