January 2, 2020 to December 31, 2020
Asia/Seoul timezone

IBS-CTPU, PTC regular seminars will be on every Wednesday 3PM in our seminar room.
(Special dates are announced as RED text)

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seminar organizers 

  • Chang Sub Shin
  • Soyoung Sim   
  • Seung-Joo Lee
  • Stephen Lonsdale



Date Speaker Contact person Title
Jan. 3  (Friday) Dr. Sang Hui Im (PNU)   New physics searches via Axion-like particles
Jan. 9  (Thursday) Prof. Wei Xue  (Univ. of Florida)   
Probing new physics from stars
Jan. 22 Dr. Lucien Heurtier (Univ. of Arizona)  
Spontaneous Freeze Out of Dark Matter From an Early Thermal Phase Transition
Feb. 13-17 School & Workshop   Asia-Pacific School and Workshop on Gravitation and Cosmology 2020
Feb. 19-20 Dr. Felix Kling (SLAC)   Lectures on FASER Experiments
April 22 New-comers (CTPU)    New-comers' talk 
April 29 Prof. Nakwoo Kim (KHU)   Towards an explicit construction of de-Sitter solutions in supergravity
May 6 Dr. Po-Yan Tseng (Yonsei)   Heating Neutron star with GeV Dark Matter
May 13 Dr. Wentao Luo (IPMU)   Galaxy-Galaxy lensing as a tool to constrain cosmology
May 20 Dr. So Chigusa (KEK)   Detecting Light Boson Dark Matter through Conversion into Magnon
May 28  (Thurs, 10am) Prof. Hee-Cheol Kim (POSTECH)   Branes and the Swampland
June 3 (4 pm) Dr. Yohei Ema (DESY)   Higgs inflation, unitarity, and emergence of scalaron
June 9 CUA-CAPP-CTPU   The 4th TAU Collaboration meeting
June 11 (Thurs4 pm) Prof. Hyun Min Lee (CAU)   The Selfish Higgs, Reheating and Dark Matter
June 24 Prof. Teppei Kitahara (Nagoya U.)   CP Violation of Kaon System and New Physics
July 1 Dr. Chiung Hwang (INFN, Milan Bicocca)   Holographic understanding of black hole microstates
July 29 Prof. Jaewon Song (KAIST)   Large N gauge theories and the Weak Gravity Conjecture
Aug 10-14     2020 Summer School on Cosmology and Particle Physics 
Aug 19 Dr. Shuai Zha (Stockholm U.)   Probing QCD phase transition in core-collapse supernovae with multi-messengers
Aug 20 Prof. Shingo Kazama (Nagoya University)   IBS Physics Colloquium: Observation of excess electronic recoil events in XENON1T
Aug 24-26     IBS and KMI Joint Workshop 2020
Aug 27 Prof. Seok Kim (SNU)   Black holes and quantum gravity
Sep 2 Dr. Hyungjin Kim (Weizmann Inst.)   Interstellar medium and primordial black holes
Sep 9 Prof. Dongmin Gang (APCTP)   Wrapped M5-branes : from topological phases to blackholes
Sep 16 Prof. Sungjay Lee (KIAS)   Monster Anatomy
Sep 24  (Thurs3 pm) Dr. Ryo Yokokura (KEK)   Higher-form symmetries and 3-group in axion electrodynmaics

Oct 7

Dr. Yuichiro Tada (Nagoya U.)   Manifestly covariant theory of stochastic inflation
Oct 13-16     Dark World to Swampland The 5th IBS-IFT-MultiDark Workshop
Oct 21-23     IBS-ICTP Workshop on Axion-Like Particles
Oct 28 Dr. Shihong Liao (Helsinki U.)   The story of ultra-diffuse galaxies in the Auriga simulations
Nov 19 Prof. David J. E. Marsh (University of Gottingen)   IBS Physics Colloquium: Axion Quasiparticles for Axion Dark Matter Detection