[2024] CTPU-CGA Seminar

Dr. K. Sravan Kumar, " From quantum gravitational physics to CMB anomalies"

Zoom Seminar

Zoom Seminar


In this talk, I will elucidate how the unitarity issue of the Quantum Field theory in Curved Spacetime (QFTCS) is the deepest problem in theoretical physics. Though, this fundamental issue was first identified by Schrodinger in 1956, and Einstein and Rosen in 1935, it has always been attributed to an unknown quantum gravity theory at Planck scales rather than scrutinizing the basic assumptions that are usually taken for QFTCS.
Many uncertain approaches to quantum gravity took over this fundamental problem so much so that an enormous wide acceptance has been reached to give up on solving the problem within GR and QM. In contrast to these wide schools of thought, I will present how our recently proposed Direct-Sum QFT approach can radically bring back the lost unitarity in curved spacetime. I will specifically discuss this new formulation in the cases of de Sitter and Schwarzchild's black hole spacetimes. Finally, I will present how the application of DQFT for inflationary spacetime would lead to explaining all the CMB anomalies that have been unexplained in the last two decades.The talk will be based on arXiv 2401.08288 [astro-ph.CO], 2307.10345 [hep-th], 2305.06046 [hep-th], arXiv: 2209.03928 [gr-qc] and upcoming manuscripts in collaborations with E. Gaztanaga, J. Marto. 


Zoom Link : https://us06web.zoom.us/j/4768822533?pwd=HH2TUTGzTfBdVVFiOTLY1HQbrFnqjz.1