Dec 14 – 18, 2015
Asia/Seoul timezone

The Synergy from collaborations between theorists and experimentalist in the BSM searches

With TeV Energy scale collider experiments, we are facing unexpected difficulties in the search of the physics beyond the Standard Model, mostly coming from uncertainties in the behavior of QCD. We are also limited to a finite number of modelings of BSM through conventional searches at the LHC. 

So far, searches motivated from CMSSM, Simplified models, crossing with Dark matter direct searches (mono-X) have been populated in HEP society. But Collider searches should not be restricted by models that we know well about. 

Challenges from TeV Energy scale phenomena can be solved only based on the intensive discussions between BSM theory community and experimental collaborations.

This focused workshop is designed to boost synergy from collaborated efforts between HEP-PH and CMS/ATLAS groups, and to maximize the chance of discoveries with Future colliders including the LHC. 

Our main topics to be discussed are following, 

  • Search strategies in BSM hunting
  • Issues of non-conventional signatures (and related BSM) at Colliders
  • Reducing corruptions from QCD activities
  • Adapting Monte Carlo simulations to non-conventional searches

Invited speakers : 

  • HEP-PH
    • K.C. Kong (University of Kansas)
    • Hyun Min Lee (Chung-Ang University)
    • Seung J. Lee (Korea University)
    • Ian Lewis (SLAC)
    • Adam Martin (University of Notre Dame)
    • Seongchan Park (Yonsei Unversity)
    • Jeonghyeon Song (KonKuk University)
    • Felix Yu (University Mainz)
    • Yuhsin Tsai (Maryland University)
    • Doojin Kim (University of Florida)
    • Ken Mimasu (University of Sussex)
    • Chengcheng Han (Kavli IPMU)
  • HEP-EX
    • Jae-Hyeok Yoo (CMS, UC Santa Barbara)
    • Enrique Kajomovitz (ATLAS, Duke University)
  • HEP-MC​
    • Nicolas Greiner (University of Zurich)


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Lecture Building, KAIST Munji Campus, Daejeon, South Korea