Aug 22 – 26, 2022
APCTP Headquarters, Pohang, Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone



Transportation from Seoul/Incheon airport to Pohang

When you arrive at Seoul/Incheon (ICN) international airport, you can use an air plane or a train to Pohang. Since there is no flight between ICN and Pohang (KPO), you need a transfer.

By air plane

You can fly from Gimpo (GMP) airport inside the city of Seoul to Pohang. There are only 2 flights from GMP to Pohang (KPO) airport. (8:40 AM, 2:25 PM) These flights are operated by a local LCC, Jin Air. So you may need to buy this ticket separately. Please check with your local travel agency. GMP locates inside the city of Seoul and is reached by train or bus from ICN. (about 40 min)

By train (KTX)

The most common and convenient way to come to Pohang from ICN airport is to use the express train (KTX) at Seoul train station. The airport train line operates between ICN and Seoul train station. The fare is about 5,000 KRW from ICN to Seoul Station. At Seoul train station, you can take express train (KTX) to Pohang and the fare is 53,600 KRW (2nd class) or 75,000 (1st class)  KRW for KTX from Seoul to Pohang. It takes about 2 hr 25 min and there are 25 trips per day.

Transportation from Pohang KTX Station or Bus Terminal or KPO airport to POSCO IC

We recommend you to take a taxi to POSCO International Center.