Oct 15 – 18, 2022
High-1 Resort, Grand Hotel Convention Tower 5th floor
Asia/Seoul timezone
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Visa & Entrance to Korea

1. From August 4th, most short-term overseas residents can enter Korea without issuing a visa.

- Countries excluded from visa-free entry: 5 countries in Oceania (Micronesia, Samoa, Solomon Islands,
Kiribati, Tonga), China, India, etc.

  - Japan, Taiwan, and Macau are granted temporary visa-free entry from August 4 to October 31


2. AS OF 2022, all VISA-FREE entries by foreign personnel REQUIRE PRIOR online applications and APPROVALS by Korean government. This NEW VISA-FREE ENTRY PROCEDURE is called K-ETA. We strongly caution THOSE WHO HAVE ENTERED KOREA IN THE PAST PRIOR TO THIS NEW PRACTICE. 

- The application to K-ETA should be made at least 48 hours prior to the boarding and preferably 72 hours prior to the advent of the boarding day in your time zone. 

- Full guide on how to apply for K-ETA - YouTube 

 * Below is a summary of the YouTube English guide video above.

Stage 1:

1) Visit the website: https://www.k-eta.go.kr/ (https://www.k-eta.go.kr/portal/apply/index.do)

 Click to apply for K-ETA (or download the app from mobile to apply)

2) Enter the visitor's continent/nationality, passport number, and email

3) Upload a copy of your passport, register your passport information

4) Enter the purpose of visit and residence

5) Upload your own photo

6) Pay 10,000 won

Step 2:

1) Ministry of Justice document review (takes about 24 hours)

Step 3:

1) Notification of approval by e-mail (* valid for 2 years if approved)

* There is no need to fill out an immigration card on the plane, and immigration is faster.