November 29, 2022
Asia/Seoul timezone

Scientific Program

3nd RAON School of Bio-Medical Research

  • Time : Nov 29, 2022.
  • Place : On line

Organized by RAON User Liaison Center, Biomedical research group
Support by RAON Users Association

-13:20 ~ 13:25
Opening Remark
Prof. Woo Yoon Park(Chungbuk National Univ.Korea)

Session I
Chair: Prof. Hyun Tai Chung (Seoul National Univ.)
Prof.Se Byeong Lee (National Cancer Center of Korea)

-13:25 ~ 14:00
Carbon Ion in Cancer Therapy
Prof. Hak Choy (The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA)

-14:00 ~ 14:35
FLASH RT with heavy ions
Prof. Marco Durante (GSI, Germany)

-14:35 ~ 15:10
Developments of hypo fractionated multi-ion therapy at QST
Dr.Taku Inaniwa (NIRS QST, Japan)

-15:10 ~ 15:45
In beam PET
Prof.Maria Giuseppina Bisogni(University of Pisa,ltaly)

-15:45 ~ 15:55
Q&A, Discussion

-15:55 ~ 16: 10

Session II
Chair: Prof. Jong Ki Kim (Daegu Catholic University)
Prof. Ki Hwan Kim (Chungnam National University)

-16:10 ~ 16:25
Physics and medical application of ion beam stimulation therapy
Prof. Jong Ki Kim(Daegu Catholic Univ.)

-16:25 ~ 16:40
Proton minibeam therapy
Dr.Young Kyung Lim(National Cancer Center of Korea)

-16:40 ~ 16:55
Tumor treating fields as a proton beam sensitizer for glioblastoma therapy
Prof Eun Ho Kim(Daegu Catholic Univ.)

-16:55 ~ 17:10
Fused Toes Homolog (FTS), a potential target for increasing Carbon-ion radiosensitivity
Prof. Woo Yoon Park(Chungbuk National Univ.)

-17:10 ~ 17:25
Current status of Ion beam plant breeding
Prof. Si Yong Kang(Kongju National Univ.)

-17:25 ~ 17:40
Q&A, Discussion

-17:40 ~ 17:50
Closing Remark
Prof. Woo Yoon Park(Chungbuk National Univ.)