Nov 24 – 26, 2022
Yeosu Expo Convention Center
Asia/Seoul timezone

As the advent of new rare isotope facilities such as RAON, FAIR, FRIB, HIRFL, NICA,
etc, we have much opportunity to resolve big questions in science. For instance:
- What is the origin of the elements and energy generation in stars?
- What are the heaviest nuclei that can exist?
- How shell and collective properties of a nucleus emerge from the underlying theory such as quantum      chromodynamics?
- At which densities and temperatures will quarks and gluons be liberated out of hadrons?

We are aiming at an ample discussion on such big questions. In this program we have sessions for in-depth discussions on nuclear structures, reactions and nuclear astrophysics which are pretty much essential for addressing the above-mentioned issues. We also have sessions for short presentations to share up-to-date RI research achievements.



 Seminar Room 1, Yeosu Expo Convention Center

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