The 5th Conference on Extremely High Intensity Laser Physics (ExHILP 2023) is held at Center for Relativistic Laser Science (CoReLS), Gwangju, Korea from Sep. 12 to 15 in 2023. It consists of 3 tutorial/keynote talks, 9 topical sessions accommodating invited and contributed talks, and 1 poster session.

ExHILP is a conference series dedicated to theory, experiment, and simulation of laser-matter and laser-vacuum interactions at the highest intensities. The extremely strong field from modern ultra-intense lasers renders fundamental light-matter interactions to occur at QED’s intrinsic field scale (~1018 V/m) and the vacuum to be polarized to a measurable degree; future lasers or laser-produced x-rays may even break the vacuum down. The resulting nonlinear QED processes and their coupling to collective plasma dynamics are novel themes for physical investigation, which also can provide a route to study high-energy astrophysical phenomena through controlled experiments. Following the tradition of the highly successful predecessors (Heidelberg in 2015, Lisbon in 2017, Stanford in 2019, and Jena in 2021), we hope that ExHILP 2023 serves as a festive venue where the community shares the progress of the pioneering science characterized by unprecedented field strength.


  The topics treated at the conference are as follows:
  - Strong-field QED theory: Furry picture and beyond
  - Numerical methods for strong-field QED
  - QED plasmas: generation and dynamics
  - Strong-field QED experiments
  - Strong-field phenomena in astrophysics
  - Vacuum polarization and breakdown
  - Laser-wakefield acceleration
  - Exotic physics with strong fields
  - Ultra-intense laser facilities


  Center for Relativistic Laser Science (CoReLS


  Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Gwangju, Korea


Important dates

1st announcement     

Mar. 24

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Apr. 17

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Apr. 17 – Jun. 23

Abstract submission 

Apr. 17 – Jun. 4

Announcement of contributed talks and posters  Jun. 15

Sep. 12 – 15


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CoReLS Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Gwangju Korea
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