Apr 6 – 7, 2018
UNIST Bldg. 104
Asia/Seoul timezone


The UNIST is located in a suburb of Ulsan. The city of Ulsan is located 200 miles south of Seoul and 40 miles North of Busan.

Directions to UNIST inside Ulsan (www.unist.ac.kr/about-unist/directions/road/)


 Transportation Guide to Ulsan

For international participants, here are ways to get to enter Ulsan from airports.

▶ From Incheon International Airport

Once you arrive at Incheon International Airport, you have the option of arriving in UNIST (Ulsan) by one of the following

   ■ option 1. Bullet Train (strongly recommended) link

Total Cost Time
Approx, KRW 75,000 Approx, 3h 30min

   ■ option 2. Limousine(intercity) Bus link

Total Cost Time
Approx, KRW 61,000 Approx, 5h 30min

▶ From Busan(Gimhae) International Airport

   ■ option.  Limousine(intercity) Bus link

Total Cost Time
Approx, KRW 14,000 Approx, 1h 45min


 Transportation Available in Ulsan

  ■ Bus

The bus is the most popular public transportation method in Ulsan. Traffic cards are highly recommended for your convenience. Main roads have monitors at bus stops showing when the next bus will come.

  ■ Taxis

Taxis are quite cheap in Korea. The basic charge is KRW 2,800 for the first 2 kilometers. A surplus charge is applied after midnight. If you can speak a few Korean words or show the driver your destination, he or she will take you to the right place. For calling taxi and setting destination, installing 'Kakao T' (freely downloadable at Google PlayStore or Appstore) is strongly recommended. It fully supports English, although unpopular places are not searched in English.

  ■ Train(KTX)

Taking the train is more option when you are travelling to Seoul. To use the KTX, Korea's bullet express train, you should go to ulsan train station. The travel time from ulsan to seoul is 2hrs and 20mins. / Booking online  / Ulsan station ☎ 1544-7788


 Express & Intercity Bus Terminal or KTX Station to UNIST

 ▶ Bus fares

Type passenger   Traffice card fare Cash fare

Ordinary bus

(orange color)




High school students ₩820 ₩900
Children ₩450 ₩500

Express bus

(red color)

Adults ₩2,080 ₩2,300
High school students ₩1,700 ₩2,000
Children ₩1,300 ₩1,300

 ▶ Bus routes to UNIST campus

Bus no. Routes
133  UNIST→Ipam→Seonbawi bridge→Umirin2nd,PRUGIO2nd apt.→Samho bridge→Donggang hospital→Sungnam→Lotte/Hyundai Department store(Express bus terminal)→E-mart→Taehwa river→Nammok→Hyundai Heavy Industries →Ilsan beach
733 UNIST→Ipam→ Seonbawi brige→ Umirin2nd,PRUGIO2nd apt.→Guyeng bridge →Gulhwa→Ulsan univ.→Munsu sraiumCourt→Gong eop tap(Industrial tower) →Lotte/Hyundai department(Express bus terminal)→    E-mart →Taehwa river station
233 UNIST→Ipam→Umirin2nd,PRUGIO2nd apt.→Guyeng bridge→Gulhwa→Donggang hospital→Homeplus →Haksung park→Ulsan airport 
337 Mega mart→Uhnyang→KTX→Daebang apt→UNIST→Beomseo→Guyeongri→ Samho →Samho jugong apt→ Jeonggwang temple→ Taehwa rotary→Ulsan city hall→Gong eop tap(industrial tower)→Express bus terminal→E-mart→ Taehwariver station 

Express and Intercity Bus Terminals are next to the Lotte department store in Samsan-dong. The express terminal is for mist long-distance destinations, including Seoul, Daejeon and Kwangju. The intercity bus terminal has buses to Busan, Daegu, Incheon International Airport, and other cities.         Ulsan Express Terminal ☎ 052-257-4114