Jun 14 – 18, 2021
Asia/Seoul timezone

Public Talk

Quantum Universe

Public lecture by Prof. Hitoshi Murayama (Univ. of Berkeley and KAVLI)

at July 17th, 7 pm (KST) : ZOOM Link

Where do we come from? Science is making progress on this age-old question of humankind. The Universe was once microscopic, much smaller than the size of an atom. Small things mattered in the small Universe, where quantum physics dominated the scene. To understand the way the Universe is today, we have to solve the remaining major puzzles. The mysterious dark matter is our mother, we would not have been born without it, and is holding the galaxy together.  But nobody has seen it directly. The neutrinos may be superheroes that saved us from complete annihilation. How will we know? And the Universe was stretched from microscopic to macroscopic size by inflation, who is our father that planted the seeds for stars and galaxies we see today. But do we ever meet him? I will discuss the exciting future of this research.