List of lecturers

Pre-School (July 4-5) : The lectures are given in KOREAN

  1. Yongki Choi (North Dakota State University), General Review of Soft Matter Science ☞ Lecture Note
  2. Yongseok Jho (IBS), Electrostatic Effects in Soft Matters ☞ Lecture Note

  3. Joonwoo Jeong (UNIST)Molecular Order in Soft Matter - Liquid Crystallinity ☞ Lecture Note


Main School (July 6-14) : The lectures are given in ENGLISH

  1. Paul Chaikin (New York University), Electrostatics of colloids, emulsions and oil water interfaces and the formation of Wigner Crystals in bulk and on flat and curved surfaces.

  2. Changwoo Do (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Interaction between polymers and ions studied by neutron scattering ☞ Lecture Note

  3. Changbong Hyeon (KIAS), Ion dynamics and its implication to biomolecules ☞ Lecture Note

  4. Yongseok Jho (IBS), Phase transition of charged polymers

  5. Chae Un Kim (UNIST), Biophysical studies using a high pressure technique

  6. Oleg Krichevsky (Ben-Gurion University), Charge effects in DNA biophysics

  7. Roland Netz (Freie University-Berlin), Electrostatics in water ☞ Lecture Note

  8. Omar Saleh (University of California Santa Barbara), Electrostatic effects in biopolymer conformation and elasticity ☞ Lecture Note

  9. Rachel Segalman(Univerisity of California Santa Barbara), Effect of structure on ion/electron tranport in polymers ☞ Lecture Note

  10. Jinsuk Song (LG Chemical), Ion-specific effects on the charge density and hydration water daynamics at the interface 

  11. Sarah Woodson (Johns Hopkins University), Effects of ions on RNA dynamics ☞ Lecture Note

  12. Gi-Ra Yi (Sungkyunkwan University), Synthesis and assembly of charge-stabilized colloidal particles

  13. Alexandra Zidovska (New York University), Physics and Biology of Charged Polymers in the Cell: Chromatin & Cytoskeleton