May 23 – 27, 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone

May 27 Excursion to Y2L Underground Lab

One-day excursion to Yangyang Underground Laboratory (Y2L)

DATE : May 27, 2017
TIME : 08:00 - 19:00


LRT'17 is pleased to  offer an one-day excursion to Yangyang Underground Laboratory (Y2L) on the 27th of May. Y2L hosts two international experiments related to low radioactivity technologies. The COSINE dark matter search experiment using 100-kg NaI has started in Y2L. The AMoRE project to search for neutrinoless double beta decay of Mo-100 has also been running as a pilot stage with 1.5 kg of doubly enriched 40Ca100MoO4 crystals based on the low-temperature phonon-scintillation detection. The underground facility operates several HPGe detectors including an array of 14 low-background modules. The participants will be guided to the laboratories in new and old parts of Y2L. 

Y2L is located in the mountain side of Yangyang in Gangwon Province, South Korea.  It takes about 3 hours by bus from the workshop venue. The bus will leave from the hotels listed in the workshop page in the morning of the 27th. Details on the bus stop and the pick-up time will be announced at the workshop. Lunch will be provided near Y2L. It is scheduled to get back to the hotels around 7PM. However, the returning time highly depends upon the traffic. It is recommended for those who take off with evening flights of the day not to take this tour. 


Pre-registering for the tour is required. Please sign up for the tour conveniently while registering for LRT'17. Those who had already registered before the excursion option was set in the workshop web please send a note at Participants of the tour are to be asked for their passport information at the registration desk. We hope many LRT'17 participants join this tour.