Sep 18 – 23, 2022
Asia/Seoul timezone

Lab tour

Travel guide for the lab tour

We plan to organize a tour on Sep. 23 (afternoon) to the 4-PW laser facility at Center for Relativistic Laser Science (CoReLS). We need to move to the facility after the conference as follows:

  1. From the conference venue to Jeju Airport: by taxi or by limousine bus (#600, 80m)
  2. From Jeju Airport to Gwangju Airport (KWJ): by plane (40m)
  3. From Gwangju Airport to the facility: by taxi (30m)

After the lab tour, the LOC staff will help the participants to call taxis.

The detailed schedule for the lab tour, including the flight information for the travel from Jeju to Gwangju, will be informed as soon as the conference program is fixed.



There are several options for the travel from Gwangju to Incheon airport:

■ Plane (50m) + airport train (37m to T1 and 44m to T2)

  1. Gwangju Airport (KWJ) à Gimpo Airport (GMP) à Incheon Airport
  2. At Gimpo Airport, go to the platform at B4 to get on the train bound for Incheon Airport.

Limousine bus (4h)

  1. U-square (bus terminal) à Incheon airport
  2. To buy a ticket, visit the website and click the button “한국어” located top right to change the language to English. For Departure, choose Gwangju, and for Destination, choose either Incheon Airport T1 or Incheon Airport T2 (T1 for Terminal 1, and T2 for Terminal 2). The fee is from 36300 KRW to 52500 KRW. The premium class provides a business-class-style seat. The operation schedule during the conference week will be available when close to the week. The bus makes a 15-min stop at a rest area; no toilet on the bus.

Express train (KTX, ~100m) + limousine bus (50m-75m)

  1. Gwangju-Songjeong Station à Gwangmyeong Station à Incheon Airport
  2. To buy a train ticket, visit the website and click the language button located top right to change the language to English. The fee is about 45000 KRW.
  3. At Gwangmeyong Station, go to Gate 4 on the first floor to get on a limousine bus (#6770). The fee is 15000 KRW. The bus is available every 30 min.