Mar 18 – 22, 2024
IBS headquarter
Asia/Seoul timezone

Since the direct detection of the gravitational waves by LIGO-VIRGO collaboration, gravitational waves(GW) and (primordial) black holes which can be a source of such GW are paid much attention to.

The purpose of this workshop is to exchange ideas, to promote collaboration, and to discuss recent developments of (Primordial) Black Holes and Gravitational Waves.

The list of invited speakers is

Han Gil Choi (IBS)
Qianhang Ding (IBS)
Cristiano Germani (Barcelona) 
Paolo Gondolo (Utah)
Jinn-Ouk Gong (Ewha) 
Jai-chan Hwang (IBS) 
Rajeev Kumar Jain (IISC) 
Sunghoon Jung (Seoul) 
Masashi Kimura (Daiichi Inst. Tech.) 
Bum-Hoon Lee (Sogang) 
Viatcheslav Mukhanov (Munich U)
Shi Pi (ITP-CAS) 
Jing Ren (IHEP-CAS)
Misao Sasaki (Kavli IPMU)
Lakshmanan Sriramkumar (IIT-Madras)
Teruaki Suyama (Tokyo Tech) 
Volodymyr Takhistov (KEK) 
Ziyu Tang (IBS)
Michiru Uwabo (IBS/Ochanomizu) 
Alexander Vikman (CEICO) 
Xinpeng Wang (Tongji/Kavli IPMU)
Jun'ichi Yokoyama (Kavli IPMU)
Chulmoon Yoo (Nagoya) 
Jiale Zhang (Ochanomizu) 
Yingli Zhang (Tongji) 

If you wish to attend this workshop, please register it. We will also accept a small number of contributed talks, which will be assigned to Thursday (March 21st) afternoon. If you wish to give a contributed talk, please register it with the application of a contributed talk (with its talk title and abstract) by March 6th in KST. But, the selection will be made by the organizing committee.  Please note that due to staff shortages, we will not be able to support VISA applications from non-invited speakers.


The organizers are

Han Gil Choi (IBS)    
Qianhang Ding (IBS)          
Misao Sasaki (Kavli IPMU)
Masahide Yamaguchi (IBS)

IBS headquarter
Registration for this event is currently open.